CONIGLIO-2016_150x150Melody Coniglio is the first person in the State of Ohio, and only the ninth nationally, to earn the CSNT (Certificate of Special Needs Transportation) designation from the National Association for Pupil Transportation. Coniglio is the Director of Transportation for Kenston Local School District, and also serves at the Secretary for the Ohio Association for Pupil Transportation.

The Certificate of Special Needs Transportation (CSNT) is designed to encourage individuals involved in school transportation to enhance their knowledge about transporting students with disabilities and promote excellent leadership skills for the community of transportation personnel serving children of all ages with special needs.

To earn the certification, Coniglio attended three NAPT conferences, and served as a presenter for a special needs transportation program for approximately 200 transportation administrators at the March 2015 OAPT Conference & Trade Show in Dublin, OH. Additionally, Coniglio completed a series of professional development courses through NAPT. Her application for this prestigious designation required several recommendations from other school district transportation administrators, as well from from Ohio’s State Director of Pupil Transportation, Mr. Robert F. Harmon, Jr.

The path to achieving this certification concluded with Coniglio’s passage of a challenging final exam. She credits the support of Nancy Santilli, Superintendent of Kenston Local SD, OAPT, many colleagues and her family with her successful completion.

For more information on this designation, please visit: NAPT



The OAPT needs your help to establish a specialty license plate for school bus safety! Download complete details and the petition form today – CLICK HERE!

What is a Special License Plate? Ohio currently offers dozens of specialty license plates for those who wish to support a particular college, veterans’, or other special interest group. There are license plates that support clean rivers, autism awareness, breast cancer research, and even Superman®.

Why does OAPT Want to Establish a Special License Plate? State law allows for a portion of the special license plate fee to be earmarked for the benefit of the sponsoring organization to support its programs. OAPT will receive $10.00 from the sale of each special license plate to support school transportation programs, provide training to school transportation professionals, and support other initiative to promote school transportation safety in Ohio. Since OAPT is registered as a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization with the IRS, a portion of the special license plate fee may be deductible from your federal taxes.

What is the Process for Establishing a Special License Plate? First, we need to collect at least 150 signatures from people in Ohio who intend to purchase the plates. Next, we work with the State Legislature to allow the plates to be offered to the general public for sale. Lastly, we work with the Ohio BMV to design and promote the special license plates.

Ready to Help? OAPT needs your help to make the special license plates a reality. Please share the petition form on the back of this flyer with your co-workers, family, and other supporters of school transportation safety. Ask them to sign and share their intent to buy the special license plates when they become available. Remember to have them include their current license plate OR driver’s license number. Please make you sign the petition as well to demonstrate your support and commitment of this initiative. Once you have collected the signatures, please return to the address listed.



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