OAPT is proud to partner with the Ohio Association of School Business Officials to offer timely professional development sessions throughout each school year, aimed at honing the proficiency of Ohio’s pupil transportation administrators in areas of study that safeguard tax dollars, and enhance transportation the safety and efficiency of programming.


Nov 18Payment in Lieu of Services Update Changes and Updates

Calculated based on the number of students filed on the T-1 report as Type IV (payment in lieu of transportation services) and for whom the public school board has adopted resolution of impracticality, these funds are payments to parents and have a strict set of rules and requirements. Are you current on everything you need to to know about payment in lieu of service? Join OASBO and ODE transportation staff to get all the information you need.
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Jan 22Transportation Special Education/Special Needs

Special needs transportation requirements are evolving and transportation staff need to be aware of the unique circumstances that come with the responsibility of getting ALL children safely where they need to be. In this seminar, an ODE expert will share updates and experiences to help all of Ohio's pupil transportation staff understand the intricacies of transporting special needs children.
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Feb 12T8-Employee Physicals & Driver Compliance

All individuals who operate a school transportation vehicle (buses and vans) in Ohio must pass an annual medical
examination. This medical exam must be documented on the Ohio Department of Education T-8 Form.
The Ohio exam is different than a federal DOT exam. Are all of your drivers in compliance? Join OASBO and ODE to make sure you're getting it right.
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May 7OASBO/OAPT Transportation Driver Handbooks Workshop & ODE Updates

When is the last time you updated your employee handbook for transportation staff? ODE has updates to be included and guidelines that must be addressed.
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