OAPT believes school bus service is directly tied to student success. Numerous ancillary academic articles have identified the impact of school bus service upon attendance, and the impact of attendance upon student achievement is well-documented.

Example:  In May 2012, Union County, TN ceased school bus service as a result of budget constraints. The district realized an immediate spike in absenteeism — from 5.5% up to 18%.

OAPT is committed to helping districts avoid an increase in absenteeism, to reduce traffic congestion, and to promote the safety of each district’s student population.

The school bus is well-documented by the Federal Government to be the safest place for school children, and through OAPT’s commitment to providing resources for entities that may be considering the reduction of school bus service, we believe we can help districts to avoid a decision that has many unintended consequences.

Please review the links below, and if you are still in need assistance with an impending reduction of service, please send a message to

State of Ohio

Federal Government

Federal Transportation Agencies

American School Bus Council

The American School Bus Council is an industry coalition of the school transportation community committed to providing safe, effective, efficient, and healthy transportation for the more than 25 million school children who ride more than 480,000 school buses each day.

ASBC has provided a resource page with information on supporting the bus within your community. Information can be found by clicking here.

Please take time to view the following videos brought to you by the ASBC:

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