Entry Level Driver Training Information

FMCSA-Entry-Level Driver Training (ELDT)

Information for Ohio School Districts

The Ohio Pre-Service program has a structured program in place that meets the requirements of ELDT which became effective February 7, 2022. ELDT requires a driver candidate seeking their CDL to complete theory training, and behind-the-wheel (BTW) public road and range training in order to obtain their CDL.

There is no minimum time requirement for any of the training areas listed in ELDT. However, Ohio Administrative Code requires a minimum of 15 hours of Pre- Service classroom instruction (theory) and a minimum of 12 hours of on-the-bus instruction (BTW road and range).

Ohio School Bus Driver candidates DO NOT have to go to a truck driver training school to meet ELDT requirements. The Pre-Service Instructors are certified theory instructors for ELDT and the certified On-Bus-Instructors (OBIs) meet the requirements of a behind-the-wheel trainer for ELDT.

The process of training the new driver candidate will remain the same. The reporting of driver training information to the FMCSA website is new. The Pre-Service team is willing to do the reporting for your district/contractor at no additional cost. A district/contractor may do the behind-the-wheel reporting themselves if they so choose.

How is the training information going to be transmitted to the FMCSA Training Provider Registry (TPR) website? There are two forms that will need to be completed by the district or contractor in order for the Pre-Service office to transmit this information. The first form is an affidavit signed by the driver candidate, OBI, and transportation administrator.

The second is an Ohio Pre-Service ELDT Training Certification form. Both forms can be found on your Pre-Service instructor’s website. Once these forms are completed and emailed to the Pre-Service instructor, this information will be entered into the FMCSA website within 48 hours which will allow the driver candidate to schedule their CDL test.

A driver candidate can then go to FMCSA’s Training Provider Registry (TPR) website to see if their information has been uploaded to the TPR website.

When will ELDT become effective in Ohio? Ohio Revised Code 4506.09 will become effective on March 24, 2022. All Commercial Learner Permits (CLP) issued before this date will fall under the old law. CLPs issued in Ohio on March 24, 2022, or later will fall under ELDT.

Currently, the Ohio BMV requires that a driver trainee complete the theory, BTW-Public Road, and BTW-Range training before being able to schedule a CDL test. However, this may change in the future and your Pre-Service team will keep you updated with any changes from the Ohio BMV.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me or the Ohio Department of Education, Pupil Transportation Office or 877-644-6338.