Lebanon City SD
Warren County


I have been a member of OAPT for four years as well as a member of OASBO. I have been in pupil transportation for 14 years and during those 14 years I have worked as a driver, full time OBI, assistant supervisor, supervisor and as an operations manager. I have worked in the classroom as an aide for a student that lives with autism and worked with other special needs students. I have worked for private companies that specialize in pupil transportation and worked for public school districts. I am currently the Transportation Supervisor for Miamisburg City Schools and we cover 30 square miles with 58 routes 5500 students and 500 nonpublic students.

I have an incredible wife that has blessed me with 2 incredible children Cooper and Reese. Every decision that I make as a supervisor I try and ask myself, “would I let my own child ride that bus or get on and off at that stop”.