OAPT Past Presidents


It is an honor to serve as president of this association.  Many prominent figures in our industry have once had the opportunity to lead the Ohio Association for Pupil Transportation.

Here is a list of our past presidents, and their terms in office:

20202021Randy Snyder
20192020Melody Coniglio
20182019David Oglesby
20172018Ellen Moser
20162017Mike Miller
20152016Jeff Vrabel, Sr.
20142015Brad Aemisegger
20132014Jeff Vrabel, Sr.
20122013Steve A. Simmons, III
20112012Tim Cox
20102011Dan Girvin
20092010Mike Miller
20082009Jack Haag
20072008Sharon Stark
20062007Dan Girvin
20052006Sharon DeYoung
20042005Barb Weiford
20032004Randy Bradford
20022003Naomi McFarlin
20012002Claudia Fowler
20002001Malinda Fisher
19992000Dan Marling
Malinda Fisher
19981999George Sontag, III
19971998Bill Lewis
19961997Pete Japikse
19951996Dave Samuel
19941995Bob Skelton
19931994Malinda Fisher
19921993Joetta Goode
19911992Dick Holbrook
19901991Marty Johnson
19891990Larry Layne
19881989Myrtle Stewart
19871988William Rice+
Myrtle Stewart
Jim Donovon
19861987Doug Winner
19851986Myrtle Stewart
Doug Tonges
19841985David Decsman
19831984Wilford Slusher
19821983Betty Stephan
19811982Ray MacEacheron
19801981John Crall *
19791980Jim Randall
19771978Huey Pacey
19751976Roy Grossman
19741975George Sontag, Jr. *
19731974Lawrence Pugsley *
19711972Paul Orvos
19701971Lawrence Pugsley *
19691970Thelma O'Donnell
+ Deceased in Office
* Charter Member

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