Rita Rodgers Award

Rita Rodgers Award

rita-rodgers-award-picThe Rita Rodgers School Bus Attendant of the Year is given in honor of Rita Rodgers, former school bus attendant at South-Western City SD, as judged by the OAPT Officers.

It is the intent of this award to recognize school bus attendants who exhibit outstanding leadership and professional conduct in the school transportation field, both in the district they represent as well as in the State of Ohio.

The award also recognizes school bus attendants who have contributed to the advancement of pupil transportation as a profession.

Rita Ann Rodgers was born in Olive Hill, Kentucky, a small town where she grew up and married Ted Rodgers. They moved to Norfolk, Virginia, where Ted was stationed in the United States Navy. Rita had her first child while there.

After Ted left the Navy, they settled near Columbus where Rita soon had twin daughters. The family then moved to the hills of Ross County where she helped on the farm. She then moved back to the Columbus area where they live today.

Rita has worked for a move theater, donut shop, and video store. She has sold Avon and Home Interiors. She worked for Eddie Bauer and has been an EMT. She volunteered at Orient when it was a mental institution.

By far, her favorite job has been working with the children on her buses. She invited children to her house, took some to Chuck E. Cheese, and was constantly shopping on her lunch breaks if she knew a child needed something. She brought them school supplies, winter coats, and toys.

She loves her four grandchildren and would often take them to her house for a week at a time. She loves family, her parrots, and fishing.

In August 2011, she suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm that led to a stroke. After spending time in recovery, Rita passed away on October 12, 2013.


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